Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Saige's Debut

To avoid the stampede of hyper girls and frazzled parents, my mom and I journeyed to American Girl Place today instead of on the first.  Saige was there in all her glory and splendor.  Yes, and so was her beach ball large balloon.  Quite frankly, I was impressed by the thing, and would have taken it home if it were not for the lack of space in my closet sized bedroom.

The idea of suspending it from my ceiling and devising a pulley-system really appeals to me.  

I hunted through box after box of New Mexican beauties to find just the right one, because, you know, they are all so different.
Most of her collection turned me off when it came to style, but seeing the paint set made me gleeful.  Oh AG, how you do torture me with plastic easels and miniature brushes where you to can Paint the Sky.  Unfortunately, they were out of stock.  

I'll be taking more photos tomorrow if the weather says so, and hopefully will get some up of my Saige.  Her name will not stay, though her personality might.  I'm a softy for artists who have grandmas with chickens.  

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