Bucket List

1. Fly in a plane
2. Ride a trolley
3. Visit some European country
4. Sing with a Big Band (This should be #1)
5. Take Swing Dance lessons (and then have a boy ask me to dance with him)
6. Knit a doll sweater
7. Knit mittens
8. Knit a chicken sweater (seriously)
9. Meet a famous actor (preferably one I like)
10. Bake good gluten free bread (emphasis on good)
11. Camp in the woods (...)
12. Gallop on a horse (hair flowing back into the wind)
13. Read Pride and Prejudice (because, you know, you should)
14. Attend a ball (and not step on my partner's toes)
15. Finish NaNoWriMo
16. Make a cape
17. Ride in a horse-drawn sleigh
18. Have a snowball fight
19. Sleep in a tree
20. Take pictures of a squirrel in another state
21. Have a perfectly clean room...
22. Read 50 books in a year
23. Bake peanut butter cookies
24. Do something worth noticing
25. Visit a castle
26. Jump off a dock into a lake (voluntarily)
27. Collect postcards from around the world
28. Own a hedgehog at some point in my life
29. Attend a bonfire
30. Host a 40s Party
31. Finish college without dying first
32. Make a scrapbook with my favorite quotes
33. Meet some people who like dolls as much as I do
34. Attend a photography workshop
35. Take a class I've always wanted to take, but haven't had the time for
36. Find someone who loves me for all of my weirdities and idiosyncracies 
37. See Hamilton on Broadway
38. Visit Prince Edward Island


  1. I love everything on your list :) Probably one of the #1 things on my list is to someday have a boy sing me the song Check Yes Juliet or even Hey Juliet. I love them both, my sister predicts that it will happen someday that I get sung one of them ;) Even better, as a way to ask me to prom XD Anyone who asks me like that will get a YES! I love the idea of knitting a chicken sweater, but mine would be for the ducks on my lake. Gotta love ducks :)

  2. Thanks! That sounds like the most awesome thing to have an a bucket list. I love your name, by the way. You have ducks? I've always wanted some! We were going to get a few last year but opted for chickens instead.

  3. I love your bucket list. I have a few things on mine, but most of them I probably won't do. A couple of my top things to do is... own a horse (or 3), be a veterinarian, artist, and photographer, and own a goldendoodle (they're my favorite type of dog).

    I was wondering, which country in Europe would you like to see? I've been to Serbia, and it's beautiful there.


    PS. I think knitting a chicken sweater would be cool XD

    1. Your bucket list is fabulous! I would probably put a horse on mine if I knew there could ever be a possibility. Alas, it's not in the stars.
      I use to want to be a vet, but I think it would be such a sad job! Since I'm really sensitive about pets, I think I'd be too sad. I'd love to visit the UK, along with Ireland and France. Thanks for commenting!

    2. Abigail~ I have a Mini Goldendoodle, and he is wonderful! If you're one of those people (like me) who
      H-A-T-E-S large dogs, stick with a Mini. There is a HUGE size difference between Mini Goldendoodles and Goldendoodles! Hope I helped, an I LOVE your bucket list! ~Amelia~

  4. I love your bucket list!:) I totally agree with 28! I really want a hedgehog! They are so fun and cute!:D