Friday, November 6, 2015

November Fashion

It's November, the time has changed, and leaves are decaying and emitting that sweet, musty smell.  There's something Arcadian about firey papery things floating through the air.  I can still see eight-year-old me running up ahead on the puddled road, sprinting and jumping to catch one lucky leaf.  Mittens.  Sweaters.  Fuzzy hats that-look-terrible-on-me.  They all play some part in this time of year.  Today I wore a pair of burgundy penny loafers and a plaid scarf.
Then again, sometimes November likes to play tricks and spring a warm, rainy on you--just as if it was the end of summer all over again.

Gypsie had to celebrate the weather with her new dress from Little Gloriana.  

This gold sweater from QTPie doll clothing, along with a Clarisse's Closet hat, complemented the dress perfectly.

Yep.  Gypsie and I are loving this fall.  What about you?  What are you favorite things to wear this time of year? 


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Last night was filled with blustery falling leaves, glowing pumpkins, and vintage movies that use to scare me when I was six.  Meanwhile, Maggie and Molly decided to trick-or-treat as twin hula dancers.

How was your Halloween?


Monday, October 19, 2015

A World of Octobers

I haven't been taking many photos lately because school has consumed my life, but I managed these two a few days ago.  To get me in the autumn mood, my mom surprised me with both of these Pleasant Company Addy outfits!  They've been on my wish list for ages, and I'm completely smitten with the adorableness.  I love the 1850s/60s because of my experience as a historical re-enactor, and so any time I add dresses from that era to my collection I go giddy.

Maggie and Ginny take after me and love playing dress-up. 

Golden hour never fails.  I adore twilight photography!

I've never had such a pretty October.  I live in the Seattle area, and usually we're drenched, flooded, and hung out to drip by now, but we've had only a couple days of rain so far and the sun's been shining scads more than usual.  We haven't even had a frost (which is yay because I can still graze in the garden)!

How's your autumn been?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Maggie's Pet Walking Disaster (Photo Story)

Maggie wanted to start a pet walking business.  I did not stop her.  I was under the impression that her "pets" would be dogs.  Erm, no.

Maggie thought that this would be a good idea.  Apparently the rabbits, chickens, and cows in the world aren't represented in the pet walking service nearly enough.  She reached out to the minority-- she was being a good citizen.  

Woah, Maggie!  Watch out for the wayward leashes!  And next time you walk your "pets," maybe leave the roller skates at home.

Oh well. 

At least it's kinda fun having a cow-powered wheelchair.  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Unboxing of Maryellen! (Video)

I gotta clean my room because it's scattered with the miscellaneous items of a single doll that has taken over everything.

Revenge of the Maryellen.

I present you with this stunning beauty.  More photos to come!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Maryellen's Autumn Jumper

With Maryellen's release just around the bend and all the leaks that have been happening, I've gotten a pretty good idea of what her collection will be like.
Let me tell you folks, she ain't gonna have a white Christmas.  
Since she lives in Florida, AG made the assumption that colder-climate-clothes are completely unnecessary.  I, however, think that this is no excuse to own something that at least looks like autumn.  No one can stay in pastels forever.  Those colors start looking tired really quickly.
So I took it into my own hands to make a fall-ish jumper and blouse for Maryellen once she arrives at my little homestead.  Rebecca volunteered to try it on, and since the sunrise's orange coordinated perfectly with the outfit's color palette, I took photos of the two of them together. 

Honestly, I'm surprised by the way it came out.  I am not an experienced seamstress, and I really haven't turned on my machine in years.  This outfit had to be taken apart and sewn back together too many times.  

Aren't the little brown buttons darling?  I'm also really pleased with how happy my pleats look on the front of the blouse, too.

Maryellen will go to school in this and she will be grateful, even if she sweats the whole way.  

What are you most excited to see in her release?  I'm just thrilled for American Girl to finally sell a 1950s girl!


Friday, August 14, 2015

Chores with Friends

I never minded cleaning up when my friends were around.  That is to say, my true friends: those who would pitch in and do their share because they had made just as big of a mess as I had.  We'd pretend we were orphans, digging through the streets of 1920s New York, looking for a place to spend the night.  Or perhaps we were pioneers, gathering our belongings for our trek west to the greener side of the fence.  Whatever the case, our brains as one to create a unified imagination, and we had a marvelous time.

Chores are funny like that.  At home, all alone, I hate them.  With friends, they're a kick.  Except when the job is really nasty, like cleaning out a moldy gutter.

I recently entered this picture into a photo contest, and with the rest of my pictures from the shoot, I thought it'd be fun to capture the giddy pleasure of chores with friends.

I shot these at twilight during two separate days.  The golden light perfectly accented my desired tone.

See?  Even Jack can does laundry.  Now that's a boy I'd like to have around.

Gypsie began soaking the dirty clothes as Maggie pinned up the freshly washed ones.

Even Grace pretended to help.

I'd say this week's washday was a success.