Saturday, November 8, 2014

I Return With the Next Installment!

Was my cliffhanger suspenseful enough?  Did I manage to drive you all to madness while I sat here behind the scenes laughing at my little scheme?

That's as good as an apology gets, folks.

Before we get into why I haven't posted in four months, let me ease your dying suspicion.

Part 2: Gypsie's Grandfather 

 On her mysterious adventure, Gypsie was toting her Radio Flyer full of American pride to her great grandfather's grave.  

He died during WWII

While you should be debating if all this time between blogging ventures was worth the second installment, please don't.  Logic will rule in your favor and out of mine.

So, let's count my excuses according to month:

In July I worked at two summer camps, plus my father's birthday landed somewhere in the mix.  I auditioned and joined a lindy hop dance team, and I had a sleepover with a friend, which totally took up all my time and creative effort.  

Of course in August I didn't have much of anything going on besides rehearsals and the beginning of swim lessons.  I got this fantastic notion of becoming a lifeguard and I was positive I could do it in a month.  Evidently self confidence isn't the only component needed.  

September welcomed me with an impromptu Chemistry course along with our pretentious state fair. 
However, no matter how it big may think it is for its britches, the fair did invite my brother and I to class up the joint with our snazzy singing duo.  We performed thrice on an unknown stage in the middle of the building everyone avoids.  

But at least we tried. 

At the end of the fair I started my first quarter of college.  And now, with it being November, I'm still working on my first quarter of college.  You don't have to be Sherlock to figure out my life in October.  I think Mrs. Hudson has even a fair shot at guessing.

And thus are the conclusionary tales of me.  Now go outside and rake the lawn!  Your decomposing leaves await you. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fireworks and Radio Flyers

I have great hope that my fellow Americans celebrated Independence Day with a scrumptious bang yesterday evening.  Sorry England, but you should be mourning your loss of the rebels...therefore no party.
I did in fact think ahead for this auspicious occasion for all of my lovely followers.  On Monday evening, I happened to shoot some photographs.  Of a doll.  In a field.

They make me happy.

Obviously that should be enough to make you happy too, but I don't want another Boston Massacre, so the pictures will be uploaded shortly.
But to make this a bit more interesting, I think I'll add a bit of suspense.  Because that leaves the reader coming back for more.  So, let me introduce to you the world of parts.

Part 1: The Mysterious Wagon

What can Gypsie possibly be doing with this vintage Radio Flyer wagon?  Is there a mysterious mystery going on that you must wait for until next time?  Well, you'll have to figure that out for yourself while I go back to bed.  It's firework hangover time. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Crushes

This post will probably not interest many of you.
It should, though.  Because it interests me.  And I'm running the blog.  So read on.

I have a mission today.  It is to educate you and you're brains which may know nothing of this photo.

This is 'The Man.' 
I do not have many crushes, but when I do begin to start feeling myself falling into the orbit of never ending love, I will know one thing.  He is dead.  It's a terrible habit of mine.  I should probably shake it somehow, but, my darlings, who would want to after looking into those dazzlingly blue eyes?  
Black and white photographs have a very swaying affect on how you view a person.  They make him (or said person, naturally) more dashing, more chivalrous, and more...more positively perfect.  But dear old Frankie, The Man, doesn't need to be taken down to grayscale.  Especially when displayed with these two.

Yes, even in color I still feel a bit weak at the knees.
IT'S FRANK SINATRA.  Who wouldn't?  Oh yeah, I guess Bing Crosby and Dean Martin are in there too...don't want to let them feel left out.  
But alas, they are all deceased.  Gone with the wind.  Dead beyond repair.  And yet, even with such hopeless information, you will never encounter a groovier trio of magnificence.  Classy, I think the word is.  Smooth.

So be educated and follow my lead.  Please swoon over dearest Frankie and listen to his records and watch his multiple movies.  I have a scrapbook in his honor.  When I am sad, I look at it.  And then I'm not sad.

P.S. Here's a doll photo as a reward for looking at photos of old men in suits. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

In Summer

I'll finally see a summer breeze blow away a winter storm; and find out what happens to solid water when it gets warm...

Most certainly it is summer.  We're having the most ordinary summer weather here.  Yes, summer.  Thanks for the rain.  Of course we were expecting you.  Enjoy your stay. 

But honestly, I could not be more elated to have a no school life.  College starts this fall and my homeschooling days are over.  I am off!  Onward my voyage to become more learn-ed and smart-ed.  My finals are over, my registration is done, and here I am, filling my brilliant mind with such a stimulating occupation.  
Indeed my friends, I am babysitting.  And I am tired.  But to move aside from this incredibly fascinating subject, let me bring you to the attention of a doll.  Because we all know why you're here.  

I am very happy with her eyes.  In fact, I think I'll tell her.
To whom it may concern:
Your eyes are spectacular.  You looked into the sun just the way I asked, even without your sunglasses perched across your nose as the eye specialist advised.
The Photographer

And by the way, this book is far above and beyond.  It's better than the sensation of popsicles on your tongue after a run.

And then you must climb trees.  It's a summer 'yes.'  If you haven't, I pity you.  But don't climb my tree.  For it is mine.  Find your own.

 Of course, if you happen to climb my tree with roller skates, by all means do so.  I will watch through the lens of my camera.  

All in all, the first two weeks of my little summer have been good.  But it's time for a sleepover with myself.  You know the kind; Pinterest until dawn, PollyAnna playing in the background, and then sleep.  Sleepy sleep with no words popping into my head like babysitting, run, or get up.  That is my happy.  It will come, dear friends.  I have hope.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Window Seat

American Girl has come up with some adorable outfits over the years, but this one was never my favorite.  I mean, purple with blue spots and a bright pink hat paired up against greyish-blue corduroy pants?  Wow.  I suppose it could make a statement for those out of the box thinkers.  I, however, have always had more of a close minded brain, and this hurricane of clothing never even registered as 'cute' up there.  I would never wear it.  My dolls would never wear it.  Okay swell.  Why are we still discussing it?

Because, my friends, I payed cold, hard cash for this delightful ensemble.  What in blazers was I thinking?
Oh come on guys.  Don't you get it?  It's obviously Sulley and Boo.

The colors are just inverted.  Suddenly it's turned into the most adorable thing I could ever imagine.  From the darling knit cap to the sweet little sweater of Sulley.  

And it just so happens Gypsie is a ginormagantic fan of Monsters Inc.  What a crazy random happenstance. 

Poor Mike.  Maybe I could get her green necklace.  Something to match her stunning eyes.

Friday, May 9, 2014

So Close to Summer

Well, I'm tired.  This week has been extremely emotionally stressful as I journey through these last remaining days of school.  It's not that the work is so hard, but my deep fear of finals and testing has led me to have several light anxiety attacks.  
For some reason, I've always had an extreme aversion to any sort of academic drills.  The symptoms include headaches, nausea, anger towards myself, and excessive crying and basic panicking.  This obviously isn't the most ideal way to start a quiz or, much less, a final for your school year.  However, I'm working on the problem.  Slowly.  

To cheer myself (and you all, of course) up, I'm sharing some photographs of my lovely custom girl, Gypsie.  Her parts include a scalped Marie Grace, a Ruthie wig, and a smattering of freckles, because freckles are much more fun to say when paired up with smattering.  

Her character started formulating shortly after her arrival.  I nabbed Molly's Bike of craigslist and she instantly claimed it as her own.  

Her outfit was completely designed and made by Clarisse's Closet on Etsy.  I'm in love with the soft turquoise cardigan and spring dress.  

The hat adds a wonderfully unique touch too, don't you agree?

She also has a twin brother who'll show up on here one of these days.  After I give him new hair.  Oh dear.  That didn't sound very humane. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easters Without Chocolate

Being gluten free, vegan, and sugar free is fine for a homeschooled kid who has chickens and doesn't socialize much.  But when it comes to occasions.  Special occasions...
It's at these points in history where I imagine myself cramming waffles drenched in sugary syrup and whipped cream into my mouth relished with cherries and sprinkles on top.  
But who needs imagination when your brother's so kindly acting it out?  Thank you, dearest sibling.  I appreciate it.  
Special occasions have been labeled "experimental food day" where I'm concerned.  Mom whips up fluffy, creamy pancakes and muffins as I flip through pintrest, frantically clicking on photos taken by professional photographers.  It has to taste good right?  The picture's so pretty!  
Well, my lemon blueberry waffles happened to agree with the taste buds yesterday morning.  Yes, they weren't half bad.  

There's no graceful way to transition the last paragraph into this one, so let me just present with you my newest doll.  

Of course, she doesn't know she's vinyl.  She thinks she lived in an HBC fur trading fort during the 1850s.

Her spring dress was just finished last week.  I hand pleated the skirt, and my mom piped all the seams.  

I haven't decided on a name yet, and she's quite confused over the matter.  I should probably find one soon so as to put her mind at ease.  

How did you celebrate Easter?  My mom and I ended the day with The Waltons, because you can't get any better than that...although my brother may tell you differently, so don't talk to him.