Monday, October 19, 2015

A World of Octobers

I haven't been taking many photos lately because school has consumed my life, but I managed these two a few days ago.  To get me in the autumn mood, my mom surprised me with both of these Pleasant Company Addy outfits!  They've been on my wish list for ages, and I'm completely smitten with the adorableness.  I love the 1850s/60s because of my experience as a historical re-enactor, and so any time I add dresses from that era to my collection I go giddy.

Maggie and Ginny take after me and love playing dress-up. 

Golden hour never fails.  I adore twilight photography!

I've never had such a pretty October.  I live in the Seattle area, and usually we're drenched, flooded, and hung out to drip by now, but we've had only a couple days of rain so far and the sun's been shining scads more than usual.  We haven't even had a frost (which is yay because I can still graze in the garden)!

How's your autumn been?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Maggie's Pet Walking Disaster (Photo Story)

Maggie wanted to start a pet walking business.  I did not stop her.  I was under the impression that her "pets" would be dogs.  Erm, no.

Maggie thought that this would be a good idea.  Apparently the rabbits, chickens, and cows in the world aren't represented in the pet walking service nearly enough.  She reached out to the minority-- she was being a good citizen.  

Woah, Maggie!  Watch out for the wayward leashes!  And next time you walk your "pets," maybe leave the roller skates at home.

Oh well. 

At least it's kinda fun having a cow-powered wheelchair.