Saturday, November 8, 2014

I Return With the Next Installment!

Was my cliffhanger suspenseful enough?  Did I manage to drive you all to madness while I sat here behind the scenes laughing at my little scheme?

That's as good as an apology gets, folks.

Before we get into why I haven't posted in four months, let me ease your dying suspicion.

Part 2: Gypsie's Grandfather 

 On her mysterious adventure, Gypsie was toting her Radio Flyer full of American pride to her great grandfather's grave.  

He died during WWII

While you should be debating if all this time between blogging ventures was worth the second installment, please don't.  Logic will rule in your favor and out of mine.

So, let's count my excuses according to month:

In July I worked at two summer camps, plus my father's birthday landed somewhere in the mix.  I auditioned and joined a lindy hop dance team, and I had a sleepover with a friend, which totally took up all my time and creative effort.  

Of course in August I didn't have much of anything going on besides rehearsals and the beginning of swim lessons.  I got this fantastic notion of becoming a lifeguard and I was positive I could do it in a month.  Evidently self confidence isn't the only component needed.  

September welcomed me with an impromptu Chemistry course along with our pretentious state fair. 
However, no matter how it big may think it is for its britches, the fair did invite my brother and I to class up the joint with our snazzy singing duo.  We performed thrice on an unknown stage in the middle of the building everyone avoids.  

But at least we tried. 

At the end of the fair I started my first quarter of college.  And now, with it being November, I'm still working on my first quarter of college.  You don't have to be Sherlock to figure out my life in October.  I think Mrs. Hudson has even a fair shot at guessing.

And thus are the conclusionary tales of me.  Now go outside and rake the lawn!  Your decomposing leaves await you.