Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cue's Tardis

Her name is Cue, and she has a Tardis on her shirt.  

Automatically, this shoots her social life to the top.  Tardis shirts are cool.  

Especially when the Tardis is slanted.
And it's hand stitched.

Oh yes, she is very cool.
And did you happen to notice the little bow tie on her leggings?  
That was my idea.

I stumbled upon this smart brilliant plan a few mornings ago.  Please, do not misunderstand me.  
I'm not a big Doctor Who fan, but I realize that one must appear to be one.
Doctors are cool.  And so is my doll.
I find the plots from the Who episodes to be quite weak, and if it weren't for the Doctor and his many witty sayings, I would not have made a Tardis for Cue.  
No, not at all.
Besides, Doctors aren't half as interesting as consultant detectives.  

Monday, March 4, 2013

Capes are Spiffy

My darling brother tagged along with me to "The Fort" last Saturday.  He and I were there to snap some pictures of my doll, Julia (#24) and the scenery.  What a good sport.
In the end, he had more ones of me than the doll, and I had more ones of blurry bad lighting than the fort.  But it was still very fun.
Especially when it came to, The Cape.
In "The Factor's House," for as long as I've volunteered, there's been a cape hanging up in the entryway.  I initially thought it belonged to someone and kept my fingers off.  But after a year of just sitting on a hook, I swung it around my shoulders and took a spin.
Golly, that thing swished.  I want one.  
That one.
My sewing skills are lacking, however; especially when it comes to pretty lined capes.
The wallpaper in the house is tremendous, making an elegant background, too.  Not that you can really see much of it.  

And for fun, the picture he messed around with.  I like how my hair looks quite reddish, considering  it's much more of a blond without the camera.  

More to come about our adventure at "The Fort!"