Thursday, January 31, 2013

Colds are Pathetic

When you get sick, colds are the most pathetic.
They like to sneak up behind you, weasel their way into all your plans, then make an evil laugh and pull you just low enough to feel miserable, but not quite low enough for people to feel sorry for you.
What an annoying little bug.
Still, am I going to let this get me down?  Yes.
At least I was planning to.  Until I heard my father walking up the stairs, being the chicken delivery man.
I'm holding Millie, and I feel quite content.  Funny how moods can change like that.

If you're under the weather, I hope you have a chicken to hug.  They make things better.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Not a Bug or a Game

Hello to my wonderful and loyal readers.  I have good news for you all.  A new addition has been made to my dolly family.  Actually, the doll itself is old and so is the wig.  But the combination is new and quite brilliant.

My lovely Mumsie presented me with a package a few days ago.  Quickly ripping it open, I came upon a Nellie wig from an ebay seller, in mint condition.  Overjoyed and eager, I immediately tore off the unglued, heinous ripoff wig on my bald Kit and slipped on this new, glorious halo of bobbed red hair.

My original name of choice was Ginger, to be called Ginny for short.  But then, two fantastic people came up with two separate suggestions.  Tennyson, and Cricket.  It took me a bit to decide, but I landed on the bug.  Cricket is an awesome name with a curious quality.  

Cricket told me she would love to travel the world and that she has a very obnoxious older sister.  Okay, not obnoxious, perfect, wich is just as bad.  

She likes bright colors and wild animals.  Boots, their rescued cat, being the exception.  The two had an unfortunate run-in.  You'll have to ask one or the other about it sometime, though I'm sure you'll get a slightly different story depending on which one you talk to.

She faithfully writes in her diary and has mentioned she may share some entries if you promise not to tell what you've read to Ramey (her sister).

I think Cricket is a very interesting little girl.  
But I don't know her very well...

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Perfect Setting

It being my birthday tomorrow, I decided to treat myself to some doll fun this afternoon.  With our neighbors playing groovy music to the sound of their hammer strikes (they're constructing something), I knew it was the perfect setting.
Oh, and don't be fooled by the dolls' appearance   They were pretending it was spring when I snatched them out and made them stand on the driveway in 30ยบ weather.

                                 Aren't they cute?  Yes, that's what they want you to think.                                                           I'm still having a problem with naming Saige.  I'm deciding between Andie, London, Ramey, and perhaps, Blizzard.

Oh, and notice my beautiful braids?  They're cool.  They have four parts.

                                  Cozi thought she looked pretty spiffy in her homemade shirt.


This hat Saige's wearing was a pain to make.  My mother had bought me the original one from an unknown seller.  I wanted more.  I was sure it would be a breeze to replicate.  My version turned out well...if you don't look too closely.

And MayBelle wanted to grace you with her presence once again.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Frosty Dolls

I honestly thought venturing outside with two dolls during the frosty morning would be a good, fun activity.  How could I know that Saige and Cozi (Caroline) had been scheming?  My fingertips nearly froze off as I tried to get their footing stable.  Saige kept sneering and cackling, and Cozi smiled sweetly.  I'd get one posed and the other would fall into her.  On purpose.

                  Their long, pioneer dresses aided the fun as I couldn't see what their feet were up to. 

^ She did this to her hair.  I didn't touch it.

Still, it was enjoyable once we were back in the house.  I do like my pictures. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Saige's Debut

To avoid the stampede of hyper girls and frazzled parents, my mom and I journeyed to American Girl Place today instead of on the first.  Saige was there in all her glory and splendor.  Yes, and so was her beach ball large balloon.  Quite frankly, I was impressed by the thing, and would have taken it home if it were not for the lack of space in my closet sized bedroom.

The idea of suspending it from my ceiling and devising a pulley-system really appeals to me.  

I hunted through box after box of New Mexican beauties to find just the right one, because, you know, they are all so different.
Most of her collection turned me off when it came to style, but seeing the paint set made me gleeful.  Oh AG, how you do torture me with plastic easels and miniature brushes where you to can Paint the Sky.  Unfortunately, they were out of stock.  

I'll be taking more photos tomorrow if the weather says so, and hopefully will get some up of my Saige.  Her name will not stay, though her personality might.  I'm a softy for artists who have grandmas with chickens.