Thursday, January 17, 2013

Not a Bug or a Game

Hello to my wonderful and loyal readers.  I have good news for you all.  A new addition has been made to my dolly family.  Actually, the doll itself is old and so is the wig.  But the combination is new and quite brilliant.

My lovely Mumsie presented me with a package a few days ago.  Quickly ripping it open, I came upon a Nellie wig from an ebay seller, in mint condition.  Overjoyed and eager, I immediately tore off the unglued, heinous ripoff wig on my bald Kit and slipped on this new, glorious halo of bobbed red hair.

My original name of choice was Ginger, to be called Ginny for short.  But then, two fantastic people came up with two separate suggestions.  Tennyson, and Cricket.  It took me a bit to decide, but I landed on the bug.  Cricket is an awesome name with a curious quality.  

Cricket told me she would love to travel the world and that she has a very obnoxious older sister.  Okay, not obnoxious, perfect, wich is just as bad.  

She likes bright colors and wild animals.  Boots, their rescued cat, being the exception.  The two had an unfortunate run-in.  You'll have to ask one or the other about it sometime, though I'm sure you'll get a slightly different story depending on which one you talk to.

She faithfully writes in her diary and has mentioned she may share some entries if you promise not to tell what you've read to Ramey (her sister).

I think Cricket is a very interesting little girl.  
But I don't know her very well...


  1. Congrats on the new addition! You have a lovely way of describing her.

    1. Why, thank you! Cricket is very fun to describe :)