Monday, December 31, 2012

The Chickens say Hello

When showing my brother this blog after ripping the hair out of my technically challenged head, he commented on how it looked like a cheesy website from the 90s.  Unfortunately, I agree with him.
Still, it's up, and I'm happy.
People generally say something about themselves at this point, but I don't feel like being general right now.
The title of this blog, I Won't Dance, is also the name of my favorite song sung by Frank Sinatra.  In truth, I'd love to learn how to tap and swing.  Swishy skirts and big band music give me a thrill!
As for snister's flock, the site address...you probably wouldn't get that even if I explained it.

I have the three best chickens in the world:  Tillie, who is almost 7 (Ameraucana), and MayBelle and Millie, who are almost 4 (Buff Orpingtons).  They love to follow me around the yard, jump on my lap, and be the center of attention.  I also have a cockatiel.  But she doesn't get mentioned around here.

A Canon T3i recently found it's way into my hands, and ever since then, I've taken photos of my chickens.  And dolls.  I have 26 American Girls (give or take a few; you never know who you're going to find on a shelf) and have developed a love for history and my country through their stories.

I have a feeling .02 people will be reading this, but I still feel accomplished.  Here's a picture for kicks:
This is MayBelle having a nervous breakdown over a beet root.  


  1. -Well I guess I'm 0.01. I collect dolls. Only 5 of them are AG. My first was AGofToday #8 from 1997. The rest are Molly, Kaya, a Kit Mini Doll and AGofToday #1. #8 is Aimee Greyce and #1 is Tanish Rarity. I have a Madame Alexander from Avon (I know, weird place to get a doll) whose name is Savanna Rose. They all live cozily in a small 2-room doll house. The rest of my dolls are from my childhood (the 50's) and others I have collected along the way. They range in size from 4" to 35".
    -I like your site and your imagination.