Monday, December 31, 2012

The Chickens say Hello

When showing my brother this blog after ripping the hair out of my technically challenged head, he commented on how it looked like a cheesy website from the 90s.  Unfortunately, I agree with him.
Still, it's up, and I'm happy.
People generally say something about themselves at this point, but I don't feel like being general right now.
The title of this blog, I Won't Dance, is also the name of my favorite song sung by Frank Sinatra.  In truth, I'd love to learn how to tap and swing.  Swishy skirts and big band music give me a thrill!
As for snister's flock, the site address...you probably wouldn't get that even if I explained it.

I have the three best chickens in the world:  Tillie, who is almost 7 (Ameraucana), and MayBelle and Millie, who are almost 4 (Buff Orpingtons).  They love to follow me around the yard, jump on my lap, and be the center of attention.  I also have a cockatiel.  But she doesn't get mentioned around here.

A Canon T3i recently found it's way into my hands, and ever since then, I've taken photos of my chickens.  And dolls.  I have 26 American Girls (give or take a few; you never know who you're going to find on a shelf) and have developed a love for history and my country through their stories.

I have a feeling .02 people will be reading this, but I still feel accomplished.  Here's a picture for kicks:
This is MayBelle having a nervous breakdown over a beet root.  


  1. -Well I guess I'm 0.01. I collect dolls. Only 5 of them are AG. My first was AGofToday #8 from 1997. The rest are Molly, Kaya, a Kit Mini Doll and AGofToday #1. #8 is Aimee Greyce and #1 is Tanish Rarity. I have a Madame Alexander from Avon (I know, weird place to get a doll) whose name is Savanna Rose. They all live cozily in a small 2-room doll house. The rest of my dolls are from my childhood (the 50's) and others I have collected along the way. They range in size from 4" to 35".
    -I like your site and your imagination.

  2. I just went through all your posts and I want to say that I think you are so awesome and amazing and cool. You inspire me. Even your old pictures are better than my pictures and I'm going to try oh so hard to improve because you did. Thank you <3

    (I don't know if you'll ever see this but I do want to thank you again for inspiring me.)