Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Low Key Lighting

I don't pretend to know nothing about lighting.  It just comes naturally.
Honestly though, I'll latch onto an idea of how to make a photo look groovy, and then stare blankly at my keyboard while trying to come up with what tutorials to search for.
Excuse me.  I just ended my sentence with a preposition.  For which tutorials to search?  Whilst searching for with which the light hath come?  With tutorials?
Never mind.

Besides, that's what big brothers are for.  They know stuff.  They look things up and buy things and have things.  Mine happened to have a couple lights on hand, and I happened to stumble (very accidentally) across a term called "Low Key Lighting."
Picture a scary Hitchcock movie scene at night.  Dramatic, contrasty, and very dark.  Lovely, don't you think?  That's low key.  It's much more interesting than high key lighting which looks like a toothpaste commercial.  Bright background, bright smiles, bright teeth.
I prefer the former, and tried a hand at duplicating the effect.

Her face is a bit too bright in this one.  Too reminiscent of Colgate.  

I love the above, however.  The colors are muted just enough.  
You're thoughts on my experiment?  I'd love to hear a second opinion, considering mine is slightly biased.

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  1. Both lighting scenarios are nice....the biggest difference we see is that in the top photo, dolly is facing more directly to the camera thus giving a sharp shadow to the right side of her nose. If she were looking away from the camera at the same angle, you'd have the full "mask" of her face lit, as in the bottom image. Both are lovely lighting...one is just more subdued than the other. We like them both but for different reasons! Nice! ~D3 Girls ♥