Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Catastrophe's Result

I have returned!  I'm floored by how quickly this month has gone by.  Our entire family was hit with the flu at the beginning, so that cut off a couple weeks.  My youtube has been neglected, my blog has been sad, and my poor dolls have sat on the shelf unnoticed.
That is, until now.

Today, after cleaning my room, I had a brilliant idea.
"Why not tear all my doll clothes out of their neat little spots and take some pictures."  Great.  What a smashing thought.
However, it wasn't a complete disaster.  I managed to locate several items I'd given up as "gone with the wind."

Oh, hello Kit's Rick Rack Dress.  So good of you to stop by.

Customly made by my dear mother, starring Caplin. 

So that was that.  I thought I was done.  My one outfit had been found, my doll had been posed.  My room was an earthquake surviver.  
I had fulfilled my duty.

But...but what about the other dolls?  What about the million shirts and pants and shoes that could be made into new outfits and new photos?  

It's not fair.  I had so much to do, yet this little voice kept shooting my brain with guilty signals.
You've neglected them for so long.  Play.

I began to feel like Andy at the end of Toy Story 3.  
Alright-fine-okay-swell.  I'll play.

This outfit is beyond my favorite.  It is sky high and outta here.  Her suitcase, the penny loafers, the sweater...I'm in love.

Ru was walking a dog, but he ran out of the picture.  Sorry little Bennet. 

I love this one of Ramey, however.  Except for the brown dent in her head.  Funny, because my girls never had any dents until Christmas of last year.  And now...now three of them are sporting scratches and face plant engravings.  

Ha!  I made it through an entire post.  Oh, I learned how knit this month.  Just thought I'd throw that in there.



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    1. Thank you!! It's an original by my mom. I love the vintage look of the style and fabric.