Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happiest of New Years to You!

Hello to you all!  Let me wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year in one dramatic swoop!

Now that we've got that over with, I'll bring you up to date with more important things.
Such as my very own hippy pappy bthuthdth thuthda bthuthdy.  It is quickly approaching, and to be fun a spontaneous, my family took a road trip up to AG place yesterday to gaze upon the new blond beauty.  Ahh yes, do excuse me.  I suppose you wouldn't know who I'm talking about since there are so many blonds already.
Her name is Isabelle.  That better?  Good.
Though she does have hazel eyes.
Curly hair?  No my dear, that was Lanie.  She was thrown into the archives years ago.  You're getting quite confused.  Let me clarify.
This one is a dancer (Yes yes, I know Marisol); a ballerina working her way up in the world of the arts.  Her mother restores ancient artifacts (how positively exciting) and Isabelle designs her own clothes.  At nine.  And then sews them.
Her father spends his days at a hospital and directs his very own jazz band on the side.
And you'll never guess what she named her cat.  Oh.  Oh you knew about him.  Well never mind.  At any rate, the white fluff ball didn't come home in my shopping bag.
Still, all of this could not keep me away from snatching up the newest vinyl smile.  The sparkliest gold shoes.  The designer herself!

Her name is Izzy and she doesn't like cats.  No questions.

To be perfectly honest she's quite allergic.
Did any of you brave the stampede of screaming girls to bring your very own Izzy home?  Do tell all!


  1. I also came home with an Isabelle! That was not in the plan, but she looked so sweet. The crowds were manageable at American Girl San Francisco. Your picture above really captures her sweet face and coloring. I will have to try that hairstyle and outfit combo as well, it is so rosy!

    1. I'm hopeing to get her at the agpsf soon

  2. We have not had our own Izzy come to stay yet but we are excited to get to the AGDC soon!! Love her photo...and the hairstyle is much more becoming than her "out of the box" style! ☺