Friday, January 10, 2014

Deerstalkers are Cool

I had the vague dream this afternoon that I might be able to actually clean my room.  All hopes came abruptly to an end, however, when I discovered some old poster board behind a bookcase.

Never mind.  I didn't stumble upon anything.  I just didn't want to be my own maid.

These pictures turned out beautifully, however, and I'm quite liking my new mix and match wardrobe.  Cozi's sporting my deerstalker cap.  Mumsie made it for them last year and it completely delights me.
The sweater was a Christmas gift, as was the blue shirt she's wearing underneath.
The skirt is from American Girl Mia's Meet outfit, the leggings from Lindsey's Meet, and the boot from  ebay seller.  

Yes, she did change sweaters.  How very quick of you to notice. 

The red seems a bit too red, perhaps.  But that's why we're here, right?  To bring a little color to the world?  Yes?  

In other news, my birthday is Sunday.  Yes, sweet sixteen and never been kissed.  
Actually, that's not exactly true.  6 or so years ago I was kissed on the cheek at the fair by a random ten year old boy I met at in the line for the roller coaster.  He was very odd, and I was quite afraid we'd have to get married.

We didn't.  

Enjoy your weekend of bliss and no homework!  Specifically biology.


  1. Well, we for one (or maybe that's more like 11) love the deerstalker hat! Mumsie is quite talented and we're quite jelly over it! Lovin' the mixed pieces outfit.....we love to mix and match from loads of outfits to come up with one that is completely unique and utterly coolio! Love!

    Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen!

  2. Love your photos. Where did youbget her tights? Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Thanks! Her tights are actually from GOTY 2001 Lindsey's meet outfit. I love them, as they can fit in with several different styles.