Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Crushes

This post will probably not interest many of you.
It should, though.  Because it interests me.  And I'm running the blog.  So read on.

I have a mission today.  It is to educate you and you're brains which may know nothing of this photo.

This is 'The Man.' 
I do not have many crushes, but when I do begin to start feeling myself falling into the orbit of never ending love, I will know one thing.  He is dead.  It's a terrible habit of mine.  I should probably shake it somehow, but, my darlings, who would want to after looking into those dazzlingly blue eyes?  
Black and white photographs have a very swaying affect on how you view a person.  They make him (or said person, naturally) more dashing, more chivalrous, and more...more positively perfect.  But dear old Frankie, The Man, doesn't need to be taken down to grayscale.  Especially when displayed with these two.

Yes, even in color I still feel a bit weak at the knees.
IT'S FRANK SINATRA.  Who wouldn't?  Oh yeah, I guess Bing Crosby and Dean Martin are in there too...don't want to let them feel left out.  
But alas, they are all deceased.  Gone with the wind.  Dead beyond repair.  And yet, even with such hopeless information, you will never encounter a groovier trio of magnificence.  Classy, I think the word is.  Smooth.

So be educated and follow my lead.  Please swoon over dearest Frankie and listen to his records and watch his multiple movies.  I have a scrapbook in his honor.  When I am sad, I look at it.  And then I'm not sad.

P.S. Here's a doll photo as a reward for looking at photos of old men in suits. 


  1. Oh, ol' blue eyes. Frankie is my absolute favorite, ever. I, too, wish that I could meet him. I would love to see your scrapbook--- you should post about it! My favorite song by him is "Fly Me to the Moon", although every song is wonderful.

    1. Yes! I completely adore Fly Me to the Moon as well. It's so splendid to know someone else who feels the same way. I think my favorite song is Just the Way You Look Tonight. Although, anything sung by him is positively dreamy. Maybe I will post my scrapbook sometime.

    2. I knew there had to be someone else under age 30 that loved Frank Sinatra! (Haha, I'm only 13). I love how you worded that- positively dreamy is the best way to describe his music! You have now inspired me... I will post about him on my blog in the near future!

  2. Oh, how his music takes me places one could only dream about...I'm involved in my school's Stage Band, and we played "Fly Me to the Moon" this past spring.. Let's just say the whole Stage Band played that song the best (we play better when we enjoy what it is we're playing). =) and might I add that the reward photo is just darling?


  3. It's incredible. I've found a kindred spirit.
    For a horribly long time I had a crush on Sir Francis Drake.