Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fireworks and Radio Flyers

I have great hope that my fellow Americans celebrated Independence Day with a scrumptious bang yesterday evening.  Sorry England, but you should be mourning your loss of the rebels...therefore no party.
I did in fact think ahead for this auspicious occasion for all of my lovely followers.  On Monday evening, I happened to shoot some photographs.  Of a doll.  In a field.

They make me happy.

Obviously that should be enough to make you happy too, but I don't want another Boston Massacre, so the pictures will be uploaded shortly.
But to make this a bit more interesting, I think I'll add a bit of suspense.  Because that leaves the reader coming back for more.  So, let me introduce to you the world of parts.

Part 1: The Mysterious Wagon

What can Gypsie possibly be doing with this vintage Radio Flyer wagon?  Is there a mysterious mystery going on that you must wait for until next time?  Well, you'll have to figure that out for yourself while I go back to bed.  It's firework hangover time. 


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. You are SO talented! Your photography skills are spectacular! And you were right, I am full of suspense! Happy *late* Fourth of July!!! Hope you are enjoying the "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness," that you were given as an American!!! ~Amelia

  2. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I've nominated you for the Daisy Chain award at my blog: www.the-pony-tales-sisters.blogspot.com, and I'd be honored if you could check it out. I hope you had a lovely Independence Day!

    ~Mama Hen

  3. Oh wow, these photos are so beautiful!! I love the set-up and everything!

  4. Your photos are wonderful. I'm looking forward to finding out more.

  5. Beautful photographs as usual =) I watched your video on YouTube with these pictures and loved them, I'm so glad you posted some on your blog, too ♥


  6. Sooooo gorgeous! Now, we are all wondering too...what is this mysterious wagon going to be used for....pray tell!

  7. These photos are amazing! You are sooo talented!

  8. Do you love tyour T3i? I have wanted one forever. I know they are up to the T5i now but I would be happy with the "3".