Monday, June 16, 2014

In Summer

I'll finally see a summer breeze blow away a winter storm; and find out what happens to solid water when it gets warm...

Most certainly it is summer.  We're having the most ordinary summer weather here.  Yes, summer.  Thanks for the rain.  Of course we were expecting you.  Enjoy your stay. 

But honestly, I could not be more elated to have a no school life.  College starts this fall and my homeschooling days are over.  I am off!  Onward my voyage to become more learn-ed and smart-ed.  My finals are over, my registration is done, and here I am, filling my brilliant mind with such a stimulating occupation.  
Indeed my friends, I am babysitting.  And I am tired.  But to move aside from this incredibly fascinating subject, let me bring you to the attention of a doll.  Because we all know why you're here.  

I am very happy with her eyes.  In fact, I think I'll tell her.
To whom it may concern:
Your eyes are spectacular.  You looked into the sun just the way I asked, even without your sunglasses perched across your nose as the eye specialist advised.
The Photographer

And by the way, this book is far above and beyond.  It's better than the sensation of popsicles on your tongue after a run.

And then you must climb trees.  It's a summer 'yes.'  If you haven't, I pity you.  But don't climb my tree.  For it is mine.  Find your own.

 Of course, if you happen to climb my tree with roller skates, by all means do so.  I will watch through the lens of my camera.  

All in all, the first two weeks of my little summer have been good.  But it's time for a sleepover with myself.  You know the kind; Pinterest until dawn, PollyAnna playing in the background, and then sleep.  Sleepy sleep with no words popping into my head like babysitting, run, or get up.  That is my happy.  It will come, dear friends.  I have hope.


  1. Absolutely stunning photographs, and you are such an amazing writer. The bike fabric (shorts) is adorable, I think I made a skirt with something like that... Hmm, I will try and find that skirt in the never-ending abyss of doll clothes in my room. I love your chickens, too! Chickens are probably the best pets ever.

  2. Have I told you enough how much I love your pictures? And congrats on Collage!

  3. You continue to blow my mind with your stunning photos, as well as your writing that always leaves me speechless, for I could never emit such an effortless flow of words. Congratulations on college! It's quite a milestone, one that I won't hit myself for quite a few more years (I'm just in my early teenage years). Best of luck, Sydney!


    1. You have made my so tremendously happy, Maddie! And your comments on my writing style have given me quite the smile. I thank you ever so much.

      Take care,

    2. You're very welcome. I'm so glad to have made you smile. Knowing that makes me smile, too.


  4. Love this post....of course this gorgeous girl is simply stunning! Congrats on your new educational adventure....scary but exciting all wrapped together!!