Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Window Seat

American Girl has come up with some adorable outfits over the years, but this one was never my favorite.  I mean, purple with blue spots and a bright pink hat paired up against greyish-blue corduroy pants?  Wow.  I suppose it could make a statement for those out of the box thinkers.  I, however, have always had more of a close minded brain, and this hurricane of clothing never even registered as 'cute' up there.  I would never wear it.  My dolls would never wear it.  Okay swell.  Why are we still discussing it?

Because, my friends, I payed cold, hard cash for this delightful ensemble.  What in blazers was I thinking?
Oh come on guys.  Don't you get it?  It's obviously Sulley and Boo.

The colors are just inverted.  Suddenly it's turned into the most adorable thing I could ever imagine.  From the darling knit cap to the sweet little sweater of Sulley.  

And it just so happens Gypsie is a ginormagantic fan of Monsters Inc.  What a crazy random happenstance. 

Poor Mike.  Maybe I could get her green necklace.  Something to match her stunning eyes.


  1. Beautiful pictures, as always. I also never really loved this one, hated it actually, but now it does look sorta cute :)

  2. I really like it because of the sweater, and your doll looks so cute in it!

  3. Gypsie looks so beautiful in the sweater!

    I've never really liked it myself, but seeing it on your doll, it's starting to grow on me!

  4. I only mustered up the courage to purchase this outfit when it was on sale...now I'm glad I have it in my collection! Doll sweaters have always been a favorite of mine...


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