Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Clarisse's Closet Etsy Orders

For months I've poured through the postings of Clarisse's Closet and drooled over the spectacular fashion and taste of the author.
It amazes me every time.  Here I am, wearing blue jeans and one of my brothers shirts, while Clarisse shows off her vintage hats, skirts, sweaters, and shoes.
When her etsy shop debuted two weeks ago, I stared with mouse in hand, ready to click my order before my favorites were sold out.

Honestly, I was extremely impressed with the design and finished look of each individual piece.  The cropped pants have working pockets and adorable pleats.  The slouchy sweater has the tiniest ribbing around the neck, sleeves, and waist.

The sequins and seed beads are all delicately hand sewn on.

And aren't the pants darling?  Paired up with the blue and grey saddle shoes, Maggie's all ready for spring to come.

I bought a turquoise cardigan from her, but don't have any photos of it at this time.  

So if you'd like to look awesome and stylish too, check out Clarisse's Closet on Etsy and mix and match your own fantabulous wardrobe!  

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  1. Maggie looks so great! Very stylish, and at the same time very comfy. That's the best way to go, I think, because who wants to suffer for fashion? I must say the pleated trousers didn't really appeal to me when I saw the listing, but Maggie seems to be changing my mind. They really look great on her, especially with the saddle shoes!