Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Girl and Her Dog (and one more nomination)

Some days I'm actually thankful for living in the Northwest.  Usually it's just rain and gloom, but if I'm lucky, while everyone else is shivering next to their gas fires, I get to run barefoot through our green grass, take pictures of budding leaves, and laugh at you all.
Actually I just get jealous because we never get snow.

Then again, sometimes I can catch a sliver of time.  Like when the sun is setting, and a girl and her dog are out for a summer stroll.  Winter may still be hanging around, but that doesn't mean I have to comply.

In other news, I was shocked to see that someone else (Audra's Elements) also nominated me for the Liebster award!  She has such an awesome blog, and I'd love it if you'd check it out.  
Her questions are: 
1. If you could visit any country that you've never visited before, which one would it be?
This is so very difficult!  I've always wanted to travel the world, but especially Europe.  I think I'd choose England because of my interest in its history.  Next, I'd take a trip south and explore New Zealand. 
2. What is one thing that you're afraid of?
Being alone and never measuring up to higher standards.  I'm very competitive, but without people to keep me on my toes, I tend to get distracted and lose interest in the more important things of life.  I hope to always have my friends to push and stretch me beyond my limits.  
3. Who are your top 3 favorite musicians right now?
You know, I've never (intentionally) listened to much pop, and my  Pandora is primarily movie scores and big band music!  My all time favorite singer is Frank Sinatra, but Harry Connick Jr makes me swoon too :)  
4. How would you feel about wearing an outfit that was made up of really bright colors and patterns, that would make people turn and look at you?
That depends.  Would the people be smiling or raising an eyebrow? ;)  I would feel a bit sheepish, but if I loved the outfit, I'd parade it proudly. 
5. What is your favorite kind of clothing to wear?
Classic or vintage.  Anything with a timeless touch.  I'll wear something trendy, but add a some sort of accessory to make it original.
6. What is (or was) your favorite school subject?
History!  Ever since I got my hands on the first AG books, I checked out every story I could find from their time periods.  History is extremely important to me, and I'm learning that the more I know about a certain era, the more I grow to love it.7. What are your feelings about broccoli? Pick 3 words you'd use to describe your feelings.
Summer, happy, childhood
Yep, those are probably as abstract as you can get, but I can still hear mom calling my brother and I inside for dinner on a hot summer afternoon.  We'd grow broccoli in our garden, and she'd boil it and we'd eat it with our freshly dug potatoes.  
Now, if I were to eat it raw? Gross. Gag. Nope.
8. Would you rather spend an afternoon at a museum, at an ice-skating rink, at the seaside, or in your room with a book?
You have the best questions!  This is the hardest yet.  I re-enact at a living history museum (an 1850s fort), and most of the time I couldn't imagine being happier.  But then, I took ice skating for a few years right after Mia came out in 2008, and gosh, that's always going to be my favorite sport.  My dream is to someday skate on a real pond out in the open.  The seaside is more of an illusion for me, as I've only been to a shore on a cold, blustery day.  However, if I were given the sun, some sand, and some clear water, I'm in!  And then last, my room with a book.  With the window open on a late summer evening, I think there's nothing more relaxing.  It's a four way tie, I suppose :)
9. What is your favorite place that you've ever visited?
American Girl Place, LA in 2008.  I don't think I'll ever match the excitement I had that day ever again.
10. If you had a time machine, when and where would you go?
1931, Minnesota.  My mom's dad would be 16-- my age.  I never got to meet him; he died of cancer long before I was born.  I just wish I could spend a day with him and talk.  What were his dreams?  What did he want to accomplish?  Maybe we'd go ice skating together on a frozen lake.  Who knows? 
11. Who is your best friend and how would you describe her/him?
My best friend...several people came to mind, but I think my very best friend would have to be my brother.  
Kinda.  Sibling relationships are so fickle on the outside.  Especially considering that we use to fight nonstop when I was a really small person.  But he's my favorite person to hang out with I think.  We know each other so well, and it's just nice to be together.

Thank you so much, Audra!  These were fantastic questions, and I had so much fun answering them.


  1. I loved your answers, Sydney!! Thank you so much for answering them. :D I feel exactly the same way about broccoli -- YAY cooked, ICK raw -- but your descriptors are much better than mine would be. I would love to visit New Zealand too. I think it's lovely that you're such good friends with your brother! I don't have any brothers and sisters, but I like to imagine what it might be like. I hope I'd be friends with him or her!


  2. That's such a cool picture! I know how you feel, Seattle gets 10 months of rain and gloom (but no snow) for just 2 months of incredible weather? Summers here are pretty nice, though. We heat our house purely by wood stove- not as nice as you might think- so cold nights and wet days are just life in my family :(

  3. Again, your photo is amazing....we can literally feeeel the warmth of the sun on our face. It's beautiful!!!!!

  4. Love your photo and the answers to your award questions.

  5. Oh my GOODNESS!!! In your first question you answered that you would love to travel to europe and also go and see NEW ZEALAND!!! I'm from here/ there!!!! It is an amazing country!!! By the way congrats on your AWARD!!! :)
    I'm new to blogging and I love your blog. Would you mind taking some of you time to see my blog. it's called: AGfernfriends. But you have to type in thenewagfernfriends.blogspot.co.nz (or.com) to see it!! Thank you sooo much!!!