Monday, September 3, 2018

Labor Day Weekend

It's crazy to think that school is starting for so many people tomorrow and that summer has reached its end.  I took these photos of the girls at the beach a few weeks ago and wanted to post them up while they're still relevant to the weather!  Today my family took down our pool, and though nice, hot days are predicted in the coming week, I know that cool breezes are just around the corner.  I love this time of year, though.  Now that I'm not longer in school, the scholastic pressure has lifted and I feel that I can truly enjoy our transition into autumn.  

Cozi (my Caroline doll) is relaxing in Kit's retired beach chair by a river near our house.  It was quite the ordeal to lug all of my dolls and props to this location, actually!  And just as I began taking photos, a group of people showed up for a party...

So many people ask how I got the rocks to balance, and it was actually my mom who stacked them!  She propped them against a metal skewer that was stuck into the ground.  Otherwise, they would have tumbled over with the first breath of wind!

How are you spending the holiday?  Having any last-hoorah summer barbecues?  Leave a comment telling me about it!


  1. Making stone cairns at the beach (or anyplace with rocks) easily makes my list of favorite things to do. But I don't think I could get the rocks that high without the help of a skewer either. We had no last hoorahs except for going to bed early for school the next day. Sometimes successfully maintaining a bedtime is a hoorah in itself.
    I love #55's top and caroline's overalls!

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