Saturday, May 7, 2016

New Doll (From A Girl for All Time)

Although I would love to stay and chat for awhile, I'm spending my afternoon on the lake and I've got to run.  However, I decided I must stop by and introduce you to my new girl, Clementine, from the doll company A Girl for All Time.  Guys.  She can bend her elbows.  She's articulated.  I've wanted to do this pose on an AG for YEARS and now I have a doll I can finally do it with.  Yay!

And here she is with her dog, Oreo.  Love love love.  Cannot wait to take more photos! Do you have one of these dolls?  I believe the company makes six or seven.  I also have their 60s girl, Sam.  


  1. AH! Gorgeous pictures, I love them! *squeals* That first pose is amazing, it looks so natural and dreamy!:)

  2. I did that first pose with my AG doll once- it was time-consuming. Clementine is gorgeous!

  3. Hello Sydney you've been nominated for multiple awards on my blog www.indollywood.wordpress.com I'd love if you could come check it out and maybe make some nomination of your own thanks for your time! -Kayla