Friday, August 14, 2015

Chores with Friends

I never minded cleaning up when my friends were around.  That is to say, my true friends: those who would pitch in and do their share because they had made just as big of a mess as I had.  We'd pretend we were orphans, digging through the streets of 1920s New York, looking for a place to spend the night.  Or perhaps we were pioneers, gathering our belongings for our trek west to the greener side of the fence.  Whatever the case, our brains as one to create a unified imagination, and we had a marvelous time.

Chores are funny like that.  At home, all alone, I hate them.  With friends, they're a kick.  Except when the job is really nasty, like cleaning out a moldy gutter.

I recently entered this picture into a photo contest, and with the rest of my pictures from the shoot, I thought it'd be fun to capture the giddy pleasure of chores with friends.

I shot these at twilight during two separate days.  The golden light perfectly accented my desired tone.

See?  Even Jack can does laundry.  Now that's a boy I'd like to have around.

Gypsie began soaking the dirty clothes as Maggie pinned up the freshly washed ones.

Even Grace pretended to help.

I'd say this week's washday was a success.  


  1. How sweet! I have literally never seen photography more amazing than yours. Gypsie is so adorable! :)

  2. These are so cool! I love Jack's outfit :-) My sister and I always have a fun time doing dishes together laughing, singing and dancing! It gets done pretty fast >.<

  3. Eek! These pictures are too cute!:D

  4. wonderful, wonderful photos, maggie looks amazing in kit's dress. :3 the group shot at the end is too cute, love it. you definitely deserve to win the photo contest. ;)


  5. These pictures are seriously so adorable! I love that washing set - it is too perfect. ❤

  6. Oh these photos are so cute! I love them! I've had so much fun going through your blog. Where did you get the cute pattern for the fox named Jimmy. He's so cute! I love him!

  7. Your photos are so beautiful! :-) Good luck in the contest!

  8. We know exactly what you mean about doing chores with friends... it's the exact same way for us!
    Your photography gives us really nostalgic feelings. Almost like it's a fairy world that we've been to, but since forgotten...