Wednesday, February 20, 2013

December Baby, my Drawing

You all really know how to make me giddy.  I logged on and discovered I had two more followers!  Huzzah!  Time for a celebratory post.
Yes, well, I've been drawing lately.  
When I was 4, I discovered colored pencils, and the wonder of how precise they were compared to crayons.  Then I graduated to a No 2. Pencil when I turned 8, learning that when you color in pictures, the masterpiece loses some of it's classic style.  
Now, I use my finger.  Smudging is really quite useful, and fingers are the best way to go.  

I finished this drawing yesterday evening.  My Grammie is showing my aunt and uncle their baby sister  for the first time; 1950s.
This was more of a challenge than I had originally considered.  Drawing random people is easy; drawing faces you know like the back of your hand is not.  Still, it turned out well.  I especially loved sketching their coats and hats.  The styles back then were so perfect, and I love the fabric of my Grammie's coat.  

I need a coat, and a hood, just like that.


  1. Whoa! I can't even draw a good stick-man! That's amazing!

  2. This is beautiful! It is a gift to be able to create in this way. My dd has this same gift and each time she put pencil to pad, I am amazed and grateful for the gift. Keep it up!