Monday, June 15, 2015


It's here.  My nine month wait has been fulfilled and I am alive and hot and sweaty.  
Did I really wait all year to dig up a field of dandelions?
At least while I uprooted the buggers I didn't have to thinkg about foreign policies or calculus or English papers.  Nay, I dug them with pride and an open mind--one filled with thoughts of milk shakes and shade and sprinklers.  

I even welcomed the mosquitos for they remind me with every itch that school is far, far away.  Bring on the sunburns and the witheringly warm afternoons.  Time has finally been forgotten and I can read any book I like without guilt.  It's wonderful.

In honor of summer, I present you with a very appropriate photo of Jaikey in a sailor top.  

She's been on holiday for ages and ages and couldn't wait to get back onto the blog.

How are you celebrating your first taste of freedom?