Monday, December 29, 2014

First Boy Custom: Jack and His Twin Sister, Gypsie

All through adolescence, I never experienced the "hating boys" phase.  Until I was seven, my best friend was a boy.  He then went through his "hating girls" phase and that was the end.  I stayed loyal and true to the thought of us going on our adventures after this temporary set back, but unfortunately, as he began to gradually rise from this needless repelling of the opposite sex, he moved far away--and that was the end.

Can I stop talking about boys now?  I was trying to be clever and tie this story into my photographs, but it kinda dissolved into a miserable parking lot puddle of memories.  Let's not go back.  Nay, let us look at the present moment: this is Jack, and he is a boy who would never hate girls or move away.  What a gentleman.

Formerly a Nellie, I scalped him mercilessly, stuffed him under a bed, and awaited the arrival of a wig from Monique.  This took a while.  I then put it on his head.  Ta-da!  A boy.  A boy who looks like a boy (as opposed to a boy who looks like a girl).   This was the ultimate goal. 

And here he is looking all studly in his button up shirt with the sleeves strategically rolled to make him appear handsomer.

Oh, and did I mention?  He has a twin. 

Gypsie, his sister, was created with a Marie Grace and Ruthie Wig.  I wanted them to look alike, but still have a different face mold.  

Double the trouble?  Double the cuteness?  They sure didn't double my bank account.  That's okay.  I kinda like them anyway.