Monday, April 21, 2014

Easters Without Chocolate

Being gluten free, vegan, and sugar free is fine for a homeschooled kid who has chickens and doesn't socialize much.  But when it comes to occasions.  Special occasions...
It's at these points in history where I imagine myself cramming waffles drenched in sugary syrup and whipped cream into my mouth relished with cherries and sprinkles on top.  
But who needs imagination when your brother's so kindly acting it out?  Thank you, dearest sibling.  I appreciate it.  
Special occasions have been labeled "experimental food day" where I'm concerned.  Mom whips up fluffy, creamy pancakes and muffins as I flip through pintrest, frantically clicking on photos taken by professional photographers.  It has to taste good right?  The picture's so pretty!  
Well, my lemon blueberry waffles happened to agree with the taste buds yesterday morning.  Yes, they weren't half bad.  

There's no graceful way to transition the last paragraph into this one, so let me just present with you my newest doll.  

Of course, she doesn't know she's vinyl.  She thinks she lived in an HBC fur trading fort during the 1850s.

Her spring dress was just finished last week.  I hand pleated the skirt, and my mom piped all the seams.  

I haven't decided on a name yet, and she's quite confused over the matter.  I should probably find one soon so as to put her mind at ease.  

How did you celebrate Easter?  My mom and I ended the day with The Waltons, because you can't get any better than that...although my brother may tell you differently, so don't talk to him.